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Our Industrial Pressure Washing Makes Ongoing Maintenance A Simple Process

Industrial pressure washing

Industrial pressure washing is the quickest and most thorough way to get your San Diego industrial workplace cleaned up. When you find yourself in need of industrial pressure washing, the name to remember is Power Jet Pressure Washing Service. Our experienced team will get your workplace cleaned up from top to bottom thanks to the line of services that we proudly offer:

Loading Dock Pressure Washing

A loading dock will endure heavy foot traffic almost every single day as products come and go from your industrial complex. Over time, this traffic can leave your loading dock quite dirty—while also rendering it unsafe because of slippery, dirt and grime.

To ensure this work area looks great and provides a safe place for your employees to work, invest in loading dock pressure washing on a routine basis. We'll blast away any and all traces of dirt and grime so that your loading dock can get back in shape.

Warehouse Cleaning

Over the course of the average workday, any warehouse is going to become blighted by all manners of oil, paint, rust, and all else. Now think of how dirty it'll get over the course of a few MONTHS. Pretty nasty, right?

What's more, a warehouse in such a condition can become unsafe because of the presence of slippery oils and more. No worries, though: Our pressure washing team provides warehouse cleaning to keep the workplace clean and safe.

Dumpster Area Cleaning

A dirty dumpster is more than unpleasant: It can also be unhealthy, as it's sure to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Unfortunately, by its nature, your dumpster is, for sure, going to remain dirty pretty much always.

That doesn't mean there aren't steps you can take to prevent your dumpster area from degrading into total filth. After all, you can always invest in routine dumpster area cleaning from our industrial pressure washing team.

Mechanical Equipment Washing

Your industrial mechanical equipment needs quite a bit of TLC to ensure it performs its best for many years to come. Some of this TLC involves removing built-up grease, grime, and dirt every now and then.

That may not sound like a job your company has the manpower or resources to handle, but it's certainly one we're equipped to knock out. With mechanical equipment washing, we'll help to keep your industrial equipment working like a dream for as long as possible.

Industrial Window Cleaning

Visibility is of vital importance in an industrial setting, and there are many things you can do to maintain visibility in your workplace. You can invest in high-quality lighting and even bright epoxy flooring, to name two examples.

Another thing you can do is to invest in our industrial window cleaning to let in ample natural lighting, so your employees enjoy the best possible visibility. Call our commercial pressure washing team today to schedule your next window cleaning.

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