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Is Water Reclamation a Good Practice for Pressure Washing?

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Even though the earth covers 70 percent of its surface with water, only 3% is fresh, and less than 1% is accessible. Since water is such a valuable resource, pressure washing contractors supply water reclamation services to properly treat watersheds, safeguard natural resources, and meet environmental standards.

How Does Water Reclamation Work?

In a similar fashion to how you might use a rain barrel to catch rainwater that runs off your roof, pressure washer companies do the same by retrieving wastewater through recovery and filtration systems. The water passes through a series of filtration processes and is placed into tanks for disposal or reuse. This water is not drinkable, but it's safe to use landscaping irrigation, creating artificial bodies of water, mixed concrete, and cleaning equipment. As long as the treatment system is designed correctly, the treated wastewater is safe for human exposure. If the technician cannot properly dispose of the wastewater or doesn't have the appropriate filtering system, he will transport it to a disposal facility.

4 Reasons Why Pros Use Water Reclamation Services

  • Pollution reduction: Wastewater produced by pressure washing equipment often contains biological and chemical pollutants hazardous to local watersheds and groundwater. By capturing the reclaimed water, stormwater from your property is the only type of water discharged into your municipal sewer.
  • Environmental laws in the United States and Canada require pressure washing companies to repurpose irrigation water to protect the environment.
  • Utilizing reclaimed water to increase available water for homes and natural habitats helps to reduce the demand for fresh water as water shortages become more prevalent.
  • In some locations in Canada and the US, customers are charged for the amount of water they use, making reclaimed water a cost-effective option for pressure-washing companies.

If you have questions about water reclamation and how it works, give our professional team a call. We'd be happy to walk you through our process and discuss any residential or commercial pressure washing needs you may have.

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